What We Do

Weekly Fellowship

6:30 PM on Thursdays, We meet together near Taco Villa for a short message on the mystery of human life and aspects of salvation as revealed in the Bible! We also use these times for students to learn and develop our skills in sharing the Word.

Home Meetings

A home away from home! Enjoy a home-cooked meal and a family time together at various homes in the community. These are times full of mutual shepherding and caring for one another, and the rich enjoyment of Christ!


During the fall and spring quarter, Christians at UCSD joins our other sister clubs in southern California for a weekend retreat away from the business of school. We often meet at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center, a peaceful and fun place up in the San Bernadino Mountains. Check our Event page for upcoming retreat dates!

Club Trips

During the winter and spring breaks, the club goes out together out of town to meet and fellowship with our other sister clubs in different parts of the country! It’s a great time for sightseeing, to get to know each other in the club more, and to see how God works in other places in His Body! Destinations have included Washington State, Oregon, Michigan, Chicago, Texas, Northern California, Canada, Mexico, and more!

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