What is something important to you that you would never want to lose? How do you keep it safe?      

Summary: As Christians, we should not only know assuredly that we are saved, but we should also know that our salvation is secure. There are seven reasons that the Bible tells us that our salvation is secure.

Read  Ecclesiastes 3:14 and ask the following questions:

              • What appears to be the main idea emphasized in this verse?
              • How might this verse connect to our salvation being secure?

A. The Bible shows us at least seven reasons for us to know that our salvation is secure.

Look at the verses in these seven points and show how they relate to the security of our salvation.

      • Which of the seven aforementioned points most impressed you concerning the security of salvation? Why?
      • How are these beliefs similar or different from those that have influenced you? (such as your family, culture, peers, church, etc.)
      • In light of  what we have discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?

Consider one person who God has placed on your heart or someone in your life who needs Jesus. How can we bring Christ to them this week?
      • Pray that their hearts would be soft and opened.
      • Show them they matter to you by spending quality time with them. Spend some quality time with them (e.g. phone call, video call, workout, get lunch, study together, etc.)
      • Send them a text message of encouragement and include a verse you appreciated this week. 
      • Ask for their perspective about things going on around them in the world.
      • If the opportunity presents itself, tell them what you learned this week about what the Bible says about the assurance of salvation.

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