What is one thing that always makes you happy?     

Summary: When our fellowship with the Lord is interrupted through sin or grieving the Holy Spirit, it affects the joy of our salvation. We can practice four means to help us restore and maintain the joy of our salvation.

Read  Philippians 4:4 and ask the following questions: 

              • What appears to be the main idea emphasized in this verse? 
              • Do you rejoice in the Lord always? What prevents Christians from always expressing the joy of their salvation in Christ? 

A. The Loss of Joy

              • How does sin affect our fellowship with God?
              • What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit?
              • Why does being joined to the Lord as one spirit affect our joy (positively or negatively)?

B. The Maintenance of Joy

Our salvation is like a rock, immovable, but the joy of our salvation is like a delicate flower, easily upset by a little breeze. Therefore, it is something we must cultivate and nourish. Below are four things that you can do to maintain the joy of salvation. Look up the verses and discuss how each point helps in the maintenance of our fellowship and joy in the Lord.

      • Of the four means discussed for maintaining our joy, which one most resonated with you?
      • Which of the four points above would you like help to practice in your Christian walk this week?
      • In light of  what we have discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?

Consider one person in your life who needs the Lord. How can we bring Christ to them this week?
Some examples of ways to bring Christ to people:
      • Pray that their hearts would be soft and opened.
      • If the opportunity presents itself, tell them what you learned this week about what the Bible says concerning the joy of salvation.
      • Show them they matter to you by spending quality time with them (e.g. workout, get lunch, study together, etc.)
      • Encourage them through a phone call, video call, or text message.
      • Ask for their perspective about things going on around them in the world.

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