Frequently Asked Questions

I just got accepted to UC San Diego and am joining in the Fall! How can I get involved in the club?

Congratulations! We’re excited too to meet you and invite you out to our events this coming new school year. In fact, we actually have a lot of activities and ways to get connected before the new school year starts during the summer! Subscribe to our e-mail list and we will be sending out details of events as they come. And then during move-in week (aka “zero” week), look for our table out on library walk and drop by and say “hi”! We’ll be having tons of activities during the first couple weeks of school for you to get involved in…can’t wait to meet you!

I’m looking for a church to attend in college, and I wanted some more information about your group! Are you a church?

Absolutely! We actually meet right here on campus, often at the Malamud Room at the Institute of the Americas in the Eleanor Roosevelt College Area (It’s a super easy walk for those who live on campus!). We meet on Sunday for our Meet and Greet” and throughout the week we get together for Bible studies and other activities. And we are connected to a wider network of Christians in the community – we have many Alumni or those related to the club in the community who open up their homes, their hearts, their fridge, and their families to students to help foster their spiritual growth and journey in Christ. Don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet our wonderful church family during the first couple of weeks of school!

What are your beliefs and are you associated with any denominations?

We at Christians at UCSD welcome Christians from diverse backgrounds, and even welcome anyone who is not a Christian but interested in what it means to be a Christian. We are not associated with any particular denomination, but we welcome all and any fellowship from any member of the Body of Christ, for “…the same Lord is Lord of all and rich to all who call upon Him” (Romans 10:12). We hold the faith that is common and fundamental to all believers, and you can see a complete statement of our faith and beliefs on the page christiansatucsd.org/our-faith

What is your response to the current Covid situation?

As all of society learns how to live in these current times, we also are adapting and learning to accept the current situation and live our daily life in light of God’s purpose. We as Christians at UCSD are learning to trust the Lord during these times, praying that we would see His sovereign hand in this current situation around us, and redeem our time that we may gain the most of Christ in these days. Having said so, we have continued our weekly club activities through web-based video conferencing last year and we are gradually restoring our in-person activities following the CDC’s recommended guideline to keep everyone safe. We will continue to host our Bible Studies and Sunday Fellowship every week. Regardless of the outward circumstances, we are praying that we would all gain much more of God during these times and that many more people would come to know our Lord Jesus Christ. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be will you all!

I’m a parent and I want to help my son/daughter get connected to a Christian community/family in college. What spiritual leadership/guidance does your group offer?

At Christians at UCSD, we have a number of staff members who help out with the club and act as mentors to many of our students. Many are Alumni and many have had training in church service and ministry on a college campus. They would be very happy to meet your family and get a chance to be involved in the growth and development of Christ in your lives! We also have a vast and rich community of Christians from all ages who are a wealth of knowledge, experience, and even companionship for your student while they are in college. Finally, we believe there is no better way to grow in Christ than learn together and be together “with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Tim. 2:22), aka their peers! We have a number of college students, graduate students, and even UCSD staff that form our community together.

I decided not to go to UC San Diego anymore, but I still want to get connected to Christians. Are there any sister clubs I can join?

Yes we do! We’re sorry that we won’t have the pleasure to get to know you here at UC San Diego, but we are a nationwide network of over 80 sister clubs are we are still expanding! Below is a map with our sister clubs in the United States and Canada. There are still some not listed here that are being newly sprouted! Shoot us a message at ucsdchristians@gmail.com, and we’ll try our best to connect you with our sister club at your new campus. And many of our clubs visit and we often also visit during some of our club trips, so there’s a chance we’ll meet again!

I’m not a Christian, but I am interested in joining the club and learning more about Christians. Can I still join?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone who is interested in learning what it is to be a Christian. We warmly invite you to join our events and there are many families and fellow students that are more than happy to have you join them. You can still join our family and we hope to be able to share with you why we enjoy being Christians!

Do you offer any free literature or Bibles?

We often partner together with BFA, or Bibles for America. They have a mission to provide free study Bibles (i.e. Bibles with expository notes) and they also provide very wonderful Christian literature. You can get your free literature and sign-up at biblesforamerica.org. We also do have some free Bibles in storage that we would love to share with you – just drop by and let one of our staff members know and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

Do you offer living solutions with other Christians?

We do not offer any living solutions currently. Many in the club choose to live together, and so we encourage you to get a chance to meet them and get to know members in the club!

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