Events (From Triton Day 2019)

Upcoming Special Dates

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5/18 Church Celebration Picnic

10 AM – 4 PM at San Digeuito Park. Our annual church picnic out in the park! We will celebrate all the Lord has done this past year and have a wonderful cookout together (lots of carne asada and homemade guacamole from our dear sister church group at Chula Vista) as a whole church community. More information forthcoming as the date draws closer.

More Summer Activities to be Posted As Summer Draws Closer: Stay Tuned!

Weekly Events

Bible Study: Thursday Night 8-9PM on campus (location sent in our weekly e-mail digest). Our large group Bible study where we get into God’s Word and fellowship, pray, and grow in Christ together! Open for all to join. Join our e-mail list or check our Facebook for updates (

Home Meetings: Throughout the week, families living in the UCSD area open their homes specifically for college students to come over, eat dinner and have fellowship together. Come out to any of our club events and feel free to ask any of our members more about how to get connected to a home!

Sunday Meet & Greet: 11 AM, usually at the Malamud Room at the Institute of the Americas. We meet together as the church on Sunday morning. Included is some singing, worship, a short message on the Word of God, and an opportunity even to share the Word of God! We also use these times for students to learn and develop their skills in sharing the Word.

If you would like more information on any event, please contact us here!

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