Where do you see yourself in five years? How has being a Christian changed your view of your future?     

Summary:  After we have been born again, there is still much work for God to do in our lives, and there is also much service that we can render to God. But this calls for a complete surrender of our lives to Him. Consecration is giving our consent to His working in us, to His using us, and to His directing of our ways. 

A. The Basis of Consecration – God’s Purchase

Read 1 Corinthians 6:20 and ask the following questions:

            • What does it mean that we have been bought with a price? Who bought us? What was the price? 
            • What implications does it have on our life that we were bought?

B.  The Motive of Consecration – God’s love

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 and ask the following questions:

            • What effect did the Lord’s love have on Paul? What effect does it have on us?
            • What does it mean to live to the Lord? How is this different than living for the Lord?

C.  The Meaning of Consecration – To be a sacrifice

            • What does it mean to be a sacrifice? …What about a living sacrifice?

D.  The Purpose of Consecration – To work for God

E.  The Result of Consecration – To Abandon Our Future

      • Who calls the shots in your life? You? Your parents? God?
      • When was a time when you were touched by the Lord’s love? How did it affect your life? Were you led to consecrate yourself?
      • Do you think you have handed over your future to the Lord?
      • What area of your life do you believe God is leading you to surrender right now?
      • In light of what we have discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?


      • Right now, pray with someone in your group to consecrate your life and future to the Lord for His satisfaction.
      • Each day this week take 5 minutes to consecrate yourself to the Lord, thanking Him for His love and handing yourself over to Him.

Consider one person in your life who needs the Lord. How can we bring Christ to them this week?
Some examples of ways to bring Christ to people:
      • Pray that their hearts would be soft and opened.
      • If the opportunity presents itself, tell them what you learned this week about what the Bible says concerning the baptism.
      • Show them they matter to you by spending quality time with them (e.g. workout, get lunch, study together, etc.)
      • Encourage them through a phone call, video call, or text message.
      • Ask for their perspective about things going on around them in the world.

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