How is a companion in the Lord different from a friend?      

Summary:  Companions in the Lord are those who gather to enjoy God’s presence, who flee and pursue together, who lift up one another and who embolden one another to speak.

A. Gathered often to enjoy His presence: 

Read  Matthew 18:20 and consider the following question:

            • What to you appreciate the most about gathering with other believers?

B. Flee and pursue together

Read  2 Timothy 2:22 and answer these questions:

            • Was there a time when you sought for help but was not sure who could talk to?
            • Why do you think fellowship is superior to just getting advices?

C. Lift up one another

Read  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 and consider the following:

            • Share an experience in which you were lifted up (spiritually) by other fellows believers. How did that affect your Christian pursuit?

D. Embolden one another to speak

Read  Acts 4:13 and answer following questions:

            • Can you think of a time when you were encouraged to speak for God?
            • Were you thankful for the encouragement? Explain.

Take one of your companions and speak to a friend or relative one of the topics from the Bible study that was particularly impactful to you. Pray with your companion before you go.

Ask the Lord to lead you to the companions He has chosen for you. Pray specifically for some peers, a more experienced one, and a less experienced one.

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