What do you appreciate about Christ’s death on the cross?

Summary:  Christ is the Savior sent from God to the world to solve the problem of sin and dispense God into man.

A. Who is Christ

            • Who is Christ according to this verse?  

Read  John 1:1, 14

            • How does this verse show that Jesus (the Word) is both God and man?
            • Why does it matter that God became a man?

B. The Death of the God-Man

            • What problem does Christ deal with as the Lamb of God?
            • As those who were once far from God because of sin, how are we able to come near to God?

C. God’s Dispensing

            • Why does it matter that Christ (the last Adam) became the life-giving Spirit?
            • How does John 20:22 show God dispensing Himself into man as a vessel?
      • How do we benefit from Christ’s redemption? How do we benefit from God’s dispensing?
      • Share one thing that impressed you from the verses we read in this lesson. 
      • In what way is the truth presented in the Bible about Christ’s redemption and God’s dispensing different from other influences in your life (such as your family, culture, peers, church, etc.)?
      • In light of what we have discussed, how can we pray for each other right now?

Consider one person in your life who needs the Lord.  How can we bring Christ to them this week?

Some examples of ways to bring Christ to people:

      • Pray that their hearts would be soft and opened.
      • If the opportunity presents itself, tell them what you learned this week about what the Bible says concerning Christ’s redemption and God’s dispensing .
      • Show them they matter to you by spending quality time with them (e.g. workout, get lunch, study together, etc.) 
      • Encourage them through a phone call, video call, or text message.
      • Ask for their perspective about things going on around them in the world. 

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